QWick Guides: Anaconda & Philipsburg Comes To Fruition

Posted on April 5, 2011


Last week, I made a jaunt over to Livingston, MT to pick up a box or three of the newest version of the trail book to Anaconda and Philipsburg. That was pretty cool on a couple different levels–1) the printing facility there (printingforless.com) was impressive and more importantly, 2) it was Christmas morning (figuratively).

QWick Guides basically started as a brain fart combined with some free time. I realized that the Butte area has loads of wonderful trails and sights but really no true delivery method to promote them. Basically, I took my GPS to some of the trails that I enjoy and wrote about them after. You package that up with a few pictures from your rambles and you basically have what turned out to be QWick Guides: Butte. Much to my dismay even still, they sell like hotcakes–a term I don’t truly understand, but use frequently. 400 books later, I thought I may be onto something… enter QWick Guides: Anaconda & Philipsburg.

I really tried to approach the project with hopes of making it more of a complete trail guide. I couldn’t be more proud. The pages are chock full of information and stats, the usability increased exponentially, and it simply just looks good.

I didn’t really know this until last week. I like to keep things local–its a local book, I like to benefit the area–but through one of my classes as school, I learned of a Printing For Less, still a Montana company. The operation can be done totally online, although I called them a few times just to make sure it existed, you know. The people were great and everything was done in a professional and timely manner.When I walked into PFL and saw three boxes of books, I wanted to rip off the exemplar taped to the top and check it out–Christmas morning style. When you get a proof copy as a .pdf, it is hard to judge things like paper quality, size, weight, photo quality… you get the idea.

After a year of hiking, biking, writing, editing, designing, skiing, editing, convincing a friend to edit, and then editing… having the finished product in your hand is quite a moment. The cover was crisp to the touch, photographs jump, and the culmination of the time in front of the computer staring at Adobe Indesign was now in physical/ final form. The book I held met all of my lofty expectations–it’s gratifying to say the least.

I’ve had the books for under a week and I still love showing people–seeing their reactions. I’m not sure if that’ll ever get old… nor should it.


Any inquiries/orders/comments about any QWG books can be made to qwickguides@gmail.com

For more info on the books head to www.qwickguides.webs.com

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