Yonder Mountain Magnificence

Posted on April 10, 2011


It must have been four or five years since I’ve seen Yonder Mountain String Band live. I’ve made a handful of shows, but just not recently. For those of you not familiar with Yonder, the band consists of four members/instruments: Adam playing guitar, Jeff on the mandolin, Ben playing bass, and Dave plucking the banjo. For those of you not yet aware of Yonder, there is no other group that blends bluegrass, jam, and rock into a full cacophony of brilliance. Friday night I headed to the Wilma Theater in Missoula to see the brilliance… it’s been too long.

There are a few groups that I will go out of my way to see (for example, Cass and I are heading to San Fran this summer to see Dispatch), but there is no other band I’ve been to that will continually impress, no, surpass my expectations  each time I see them take the stage. This concert was, again, no exception.

There was no opening band. Doors opened at 8, band started at 9. Simple… but what kind of atmosphere does this create. Simple elevator music until the headliner? Lame. It couldn’t have been more the opposite. I’ve never witnessed a band go from 0-60 mph in no time. That alone is a feat that set the tone from the rest of the show. It was Yonderific- a phenomenon that deserves its very own word.

Yes, it was Yonderific magnificence. If you are curious at all, check them out at www.yondermountain.com and the live show I attended can be downloaded at www.yondermountainlive.com. I’m heading there right now.

Unfortunately, I was just too darn busy two-stepping all night to take any pictures that are worth anything. The featured shot here is from my phone—yikes, I know—but it’s all I got to share. Cheers.

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