Peaks to Prairie Triathlon

Posted on April 21, 2011


I’m certainly not a triathlete—not even a racer–but this is my third “triathlon.” The Peaks (as us competitors call it) has become somewhat of an annual event for me. It’s an awesome race—well organized, in the beautiful mountain town of Red Lodge, wonderfully formatted, great test of achievable athleticism—and perhaps the best of all… you can compete with a team.

A little about the race:

It’s technically a triathlon, but it’s more of an adventure triathlon. The race starts with an 8.8 mile run down the Beartooth Highway (from Yellowstone Park) into the town of Red Lodge. From there, the athletes transition in a bank parking lot to the bike portion of the race—a 43 mile ramble down Hwy 212 to the Yellowstone River. Athletes can then kayak or canoe the remaining 25 miles to a riverside park in Billings. In total, the race approaches 80 miles.

April 17, 2011– my friend Mike and I competed in the Peaks. This year Mike wanted to try out his new wheels and triathlon aspirations, so he volunteered to run and bike while I kayaked. We woke up to snow… then rain… then wind… then sunshine… and back to rain as I paddled to the finish line. I overheard some of the competitors mention the weather as they prepared their bikes, “it wouldn’t be the Peaks without this kind of weather, right?”

I suppose.

Overall, we had a great race. Mike killed the run in 54 minutes, gracefully transitioned to a 1:59 hour bike ride. I paddled the 25 miles in 2:41 hrs. That’s a combined total of 5:38 putting us in 6th place. Not a bad day. I’ll post a gallery of shots from the event… and a video is on the horizon. For race information and timings click here.

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