Road Trip 2011: Destination Dispatch

Posted on June 16, 2011


*The eternal dilemma for travel writing is finding time to write while traveling. I’m no exception to this. This series of dispatches from a recent road trip will be a bit delayed as I have a tendency to travel while traveling, filling up every second of every day with whatever may be, rather than sitting at the keyboard… as every traveler should. I hope you enjoy our journey.*

For Cassie’s birthday, I found some tickets to the band we like, Dispatch, who haven’t played together in nearly 10 years. They scheduled a tour and announced it in January, of course not playing anywhere near Montana. However, I am a lucky man to have such an awesome wifey that would totally feel my itchy feet for a possible road trip… when Dispatch gets back together, it’s not an option to miss their show.

Skimming down the list of cities, I stopped at Berkely, California. Being just outside San Francisco, it would be the perfect opportunity to see a few of our friends along the way: Lacy/Derek (would they be Larek?) in Vancouver WA, Devon/Toku (Doku?) in San Fran, and Lance/Jessica (yeah, them is Lanssica) outside Fresno. It will be epic. I bought 4 tickets and told myself not to ruin the surprise for 2 months.

To drop a little teaser in front of your nose, here’s our itinerary:

Friday, June 3- Drive to Vancouver, WA

Sat., June 4- Dominate Portland, OR

Sun., June 5- Drive Oregon coast highway 101 to our camping reservations at a state park outside Brookings, OR

Mon., June 6- Visit the Redwood Forests that we sang about as children, drive through a tree, camp somewhere preferably on the beach

Tues., June 7- Pacific Coast Highway 1 to San Fracisco

Wed., June 8- Warf? Cable Car? Touristy stuff?

Thurs., June 9- Hang out with Lanssica in Prather Lake

Fri., June 10- Drink a lot of wine in Napa & Sonoma Valley

Sat., June 11- Dispatch Concert!

Sun., June 12- More touristy stuff, start drive home

Mon., June 13- Drive back to Butte

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty awesome trip. I will follow this post with a few follow-up posts regarding all the goodies that we found along the way. Like I said, this post is just a cliffhanger…

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