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Posted on August 11, 2011


It’s the heart of summer in Butte. That means trails, bikes, hikes, and… QWick Guides. It’s been a great season for the little guidebooks I had no expectations for—they came out of a simple brainfart while I was in Korea thinking about what I to do once I returned. Now, QWG has three publications—two trail books and one race guide—and here we are researching for a new book which will broaden the QWG reach a bit: QWick Guides: Montana Hotsprings.

This new book is really the brain-child of Cassie. She thought it would be a great resource for the large amount of mis-information surrounding hotsprings: are they all naked pools? are they all commercial pools? Since we love visiting the different springs around the state, it was a natural progression. So with her encouragement, the idea became a reality. Right now we’ve only been to four, but we have plans for around twenty total. And it’s great for us… like getting to have a date at each hotspring!

Keeping on top of more publications hasn’t been too terrible. As only hobby of mine, I would never consider myself a publisher (yet), nor a businessman (ever, really). So I’ve really been kind of floundering in the midst of ‘behind the scenes’ record keeping type of stuff—really I just want to write books that encourage people to recreate. Having more books out there means having more retailers, more retailers means a larger area to cover, that means more of the time consuming work of getting to those retailers and keeping better records. Thankfully, I’ve developed a receipt type of situation hanging on the wall inches from my computer monitor that keeps me organized. It works for me. And the stores I’m working with have been pretty awesome, too.

Recently, there was a pretty awesome article in the Montana Standard that is always appreciated. Click on these sentences to check out the article–it’s worth your time! It surrounded the value to a community of having a resource like QWick Guides. Highlighting the local trails pulls people to Butte, maybe not a lot, but I’ve had personal conversations about people that spend an extra few hours here that would’ve otherwise left. I know that the incredible trails in the area speak for themselves, so simply getting people on them can only benefit. Who knows how likely they’ll be to come back? I like to think very.

I always like to have a plan. So I’m excited to officially announce plans for QWG: MT Hotsprings which I’d like to get out by next spring. I’m also starting to talk to a friend in the Bitteroot Valley about getting some trails figured out over there (South of Missoula) and possibly expanding the trail books to that area. Then, it would be wise to revisit the Butte book. I’ve come a long way in terms of production and information deliver through school and feedback from the books, so a second edition may be in order in another year or two. We’ll see what happens.

That’s really all on the QWick Guide front lately. I simply wanted to share the nice article on the books and fill everyone in on plans for the books. To check out a little more info on the books head over to the little website I made for them here.  I hope everyone’s summer is going great! Happy hotspringing!

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