Good (First) Morning Baby Gray.

Posted on January 24, 2012


Dear Gray,

This morning, your uncle Jeff called me at 6:15. I thought it was a substitute call, but when I picked up, he yelled “Fuzzy’s baby is here!” That was a pretty awesome phone call, and even though it’s only 7:03 right now, I know it’s going to be a pretty awesome day. So, for the first time, ah, ever… I’d like to say good morning. I’d also like to mention, since it came up, that yeah, we call your dad Fuzzy sometimes.

I guess I’d first like to introduce myself. I’m your uncle Jon; your daddy’s younger brother. I live in a state called Montana, in the country just south of you-the United States. I’m married to your Aunt Cassie. I had a cookie and some coffee for breakfast; Cass had two cookies, which is about the only time she’ll eat more sweets than me. We don’t have many things, nor do we ever really want to, but we’ll love you the equivalent of everything anyone could ever make… and that is really the only thing that matters in this world. But don’t worry too much about all that stuff much just yet. We’ll be up there visiting quite a bit and you’ll figure it all out then. Just know that we’re both psyched about you showing up.

I have always wondered what the day was like when I was born, so in light of my uncle duties, I’ll fill you in on yours. It’s cold out; a little wintery. It’s been a strange winter so far. Everyone was excited to have a big snow season, but that never panned out until recently. I’ll take you skiing soon— I think you’ll love Sunshine… and Big Sky… and Disco. Skiing is a great chance to spend time outdoors, learn to enjoy and appreciate the world we have, and to spend time with family and friends-time is a finite thing, so cherish every second you have no matter what you’re doing. Actually, I kind of hope you’re a gold medal winning freestyle skier—I’ll be your biggest fan– but more than that, I hope you have the same passion and commitment your parents have. They’re pretty awesome, even though you won’t agree with that until you’re in college or maybe later… sorry, I’m American and we sometimes say and do things a little differently, like calling university  “college.”

Yup, I’m a little different than you are. Everyone’s a little different, but you’ll learn that mostly everyone’s the same even though some of the things they do you won’t agree with, or want to do yourself. We all know that when Gray Wick runs the world, it’ll be perfect, but for now, the world isn’t. We all just try to do the best we can.

Sorry, I’ll get back on my original point—today. I just looked at the Calgary Herald. It’s the newspaper for your hometown. Wait, I should explain that. Be patient, this may get a little confusing. Newspapers were these pieces of paper that everyone got placed on their doorstep-at one time- that told them of everything that was happening in town. You’ll probably never touch one—but maybe you will—because not too much stuff uses paper anymore and it’s only getting worse. It’s all on this thing called the internet. You can’t really see or feel the internet, but you will use it a lot, I promise. It used to come on these boxes we called computers, then the boxes started going away and it started to show up on screens only-like phones, of ‘pads’- that we all just carry around and we always have it. I suppose that when you get older the internet just will be built into paint and you can just pull up the internet on any surface wherever you are. The internet will probably just be called life at that point, but who knows?

Sorry, I get side-tracked, back to the newspaper. You’ll find that the world is pretty cynical and you’ll have to look real hard to find people and news that actually celebrates life. It sounds pretty backwards, I know, but maybe someday you can figure out something to change all that. I say that because there is an onslaught of bad news in today’s paper: it looks like there has been a few drug overdoses in the Calgary area and a handful of political scandals; the Stampeders released their all-time leading rusher; and the integrity of the school board is in question. There are also a lot of contradictions going on: a “fattest fast foods” article is next to “Hollywood’s best bods;” we don’t ‘own’ any of the earth no matter how much people may believe we do, and Joe Paterno is celebrated as a hero after being… well, maybe I’ll let daddy tackle that one.

It’s just a big beautiful world out there, always keep that in mind. Things will get tough sometimes, you’ll have bad days and it’ll seem like that beautiful world hates you. Be strong, I know you will. Use everything your friends and family have taught you to make and see the best of everything. If you do that, I guarantee before you even know it, everything will be the best once again. And smile a lot. Always smile a lot.

Remember that internet thing I told you about? It’s one of those things that your daddy used to share all the stories of you before you were even born. You may be zero years old right now, but we’ve known about you for a long time already. Daddy did a good job showing us how much he cares about you and your mommy. If you pick-up only a sliver of awesomeness that you’re parents have, you’ll be just fine. You’re a lucky little girl.

I hope your birthday was awesome for you. I’m sure it is all a little bit confusing-weird lights, sounds, and people- that really won’t ever stop for the rest of your life. And you probably won’t remember today, but the rest of us will, and we’ll celebrate today from now until forever. We love you very much Gray, and if you ever need your Aunt and Uncle for anything…really, anything, we’re right down the road.

We’ll see you very soon, Gray!


Uncle Jon-Jon

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