World, Meet 5518 Designs.

Posted on February 2, 2012


Many of you who follow the legitification of my hobbies are likely familiar with my writing, design, photography, videos, and all that other good stuff. In fact, this blog itself is a vehicle I’ve created to consolidate and organize all of the work I’ve been doing. In the same light, a friend and I have been teaming up to promote our “hobbies” under the name 5518 designs (that’s pronounced fifty-five eighteen). It’s little more than doing things we enjoy while helping organizations and businesses. In the last few months, we’ve developed some-what we like to think of as great-products for people and organizations that have gotten us up and running. Samantha and I are excited to see where 5518 takes us as we head into 2012.

5518 specializes in custom design solutions. Pretty vague, we understand, but that’s the niche where 5518 resides. Things like branding (logos, business cards, letterhead), print production (brochures, mailings, page layouts, invitations, books), photography (events, babies, dogs), graphic design, videos, website/Facebook development, e-book production, even content development are all within the realm of what we offer. Basically, if  you have an idea, and it’s possible, we will do everything we can to make it come to life.

Elevating ideas. That’s what we’re about. You see, talking to people recently, I’ve realized that our world is changing at such a rapid pace that people are always playing catch-up. There’s an increasingly large grey area between technologies and skills, that when used in conjunction, can be utilized to promote your event, business, organization, or self. That’s where we step in. At an uptown bar this past spring, we met to figure out how we could offer our skills to the world… 5518 was born.

Samantha Sheble graduated from Montana Tech  in 2011 with her master’s degree in Technical Communication, and I will soon follow. Between the two of us and the relationships we’re always developing in the field, 5518 can deliver a practical working knowledge of cutting edge technologies with a personalized service that is not often seen in the ever-quickening pace of the world.

(Cut scene on self-promotion)

Here are a couple of case of how 5518 helped out some organizations:

1. Casagranda’s Steakhouse

The owners of the Casagranda Steakhouse in Butte approached wondering how to create some kind of a web presence. They didn’t need (or want) all kinds of bells-and-whistles, just a  simple, inexpensive way for customers to find the restaurant, and see all their good stuff. They knew the increasing value of having their restaurant pop up on a web search, but had no idea where to even begin-this is often the case. I did some homework and approached them with the idea of utilizing an existing web service to develop a straight-forward, informative site.  The site comes at no annual cost to the restaurant, all they were billed for was the development (and any updating they want). Typically, the site receives nearly 500 unique hits a month- not bad for a local restaurant- and  the initial investment for developing the site has paid for itself tenfold. The end product addressed the steakhouse’s need for a web presence, while remaining quite inexpensive. Curious as to what this looks like? Head over to, but I would recommend actually going there and ordering the ribeye. Tonight.

Just recently, (owner) Lisa called me to help her get the restaurant’s Facebook page up and running.  Facebook marketing is stepping up as the go-to for cost effective marketing particularly for small businesses (I mean 5518 designs has about 57 followers that receive all sorts of awesomeness… just sayin’… ahem, join us here) So, I grabbed some info from her and established the page. One thing that I did to make the page stand out a bit from the rest of the typical pages on FB was to create a ‘landing page.’ Typically when you go to a business page on FB, you head right to their wall. For Casagranda’s however (and 5518 also), you’ll ‘land on’ a snazzy welcome page with photography and information. Another cost-effective ($0-kind of cost-effective) way to professionally get your name to people. Future plans for their page include nightly soups, chef specials, invites for special events, discounts–if you’re in the area and like the Casagranda’s Steakhouse, or if you are out of the area for that matter, you should definitely hit up their Facebook page and ‘like’ them.

As a side note… check out my photography of Casagranda’s 1st Winemaker’s Dinner by clicking here.

2. Butte 100 mountain bike race

If you’ve been following this blog or any of my shenanigans recently, you’ll likely know of my work with the Butte 100 mountain bike race. This is a great case study for what 5518 can do for an organization-which deserves it’s own post-but for now a synopsis of things will have to suffice. In 2010, I volunteered for the race because… well, I just like to promote recreation. Afterwards, I was discussing some of the issues that came up during the race with an organizer. I offered to help out and they jumped at the chance, as did my professors at Tech because my master’s project is involved here, but I’ll save that story for another day, also. As I began attended meetings with the organizers, I got a feel there was a void of communication between the race and the athletes. I explained to the group that if you firm up the communication, 90% of the previous issues would no longer exist. I put together a proposal (if you will) off needs/improvements that could feasibly get accomplished before the next race: create the Butte 100 brand, publish a race bible with all necessary race information, and redesign the website. First, I created a logo, then tackled the development of the race bible while we got a website designer to organize a usable site. Just for kicks, I also designed the race jersey to further reinforce the brand and created a course preview video for the racers. When the 2011 race was in the books, there was a record number of racers signed up and lots of positive feedback was given. It feels great to be able to help out a great event. That effort was so successful, that this year, I’m in the midst of another website redesign- click here to see– at the same time I’m developing this year’s race bible, jersey, and race mailings.

I’ll post some examples here to give you a better idea of all the produces and services that have been developed specifically to help boost the race into what is now known as “the best up-and-coming endurance mountain bike race in the country.”

Click on the image for a larger version.


These are just a couple examples of the custom design and promotional work we’ve done in the last few months. Some of our clients are the US Forest Service (sign redesigns, brochures), Durance Vile Publishing (e-book development), Mariah’s Challenge (videos), Triple Ring Productions (branding), Silver Bow Developmental Disability Council (video series), among others! I encourage everyone interested to ‘like’ 5518 designs on Facebook to see even more of our work and learn how we can make your ideas a reality.