Video: Ron’s Determined Journey To Independence

Posted on February 14, 2012


Ron Kichline is a determined man.

This video I created for Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council (SBDDC) highlights Ron’s progression from being unhappy in Bozeman and leaving his group home, to his move and resulting successes in Butte, MT. When Ron came to SBDDC, he made a list of goals that he’d like to see accomplished in his life. People with disabilities often don’t control their own money-Ron wanted to do that for himself; he also wanted to drive a car, live independently, get a job, and fall in love… goals we all have, if you think about it.

That determination has paid off. Through the matchmaking intervention of his support professional, Nancy, he met a girl that became his wife. Together, they qualified for a Habitat For Humanity house, which they helped build together (how many of you can say that?). He overcame dyslexia, learning the driver’s education manual, and passed his driver’s ed test. He currently holds a janitorial job and has gotten certified to coach teams competing in the Special Olympics.

Todd Hoar, the director of SBDDC, probably summed it up best in the final moments of the video, “I think Ron is getting to a point where he’s looking back and seeing what he’s accomplished… saying, I’m where I thought I’d be when I was 45 years old.”

Maybe it’s time to start making a new list.

For the past few months, I’ve been working closely with Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council Inc. to develop a video series explaining some of the services they offer through stories of their clients. Ron’s video is the second in the series. To get more information from SBDDC, click here to head to their Facebook page.

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