Photo Blog: Discovering A Love Of Spring In Korea

Posted on April 18, 2012


Never did I fall for this particular season more than when I was in Korea. Before then, Spring was really just a period of nuisanced indecision. Growing up, I would sit at Jeff’s baseball games, huddled-up hoping the snow stops enough to see how he’s playing; in high school, I battled four years of varsity golf never really knowing if we’d be hitting balls after school in the snow, rain, or unbearable heat (and, of course watching more of said baseball games in Iowa when Jeff played for the Hawkeyes); and in Montana-I should specify Butte-it’s that annoying tweener when the snow’s not good enough to ski without a day’s hike up, and conditions are typically too muddy down low to bike or hike… You see the conflict now-besides being jazzed up for an impending summer season. It’s simply, ugh–not meh or huh… but ugh.

In Korea, however, the magic of the season enveloped Cass and I. Literally- with sights and smells, the world seemed to become alive again. As if all the foliage sat down in a board room, no doubt with excessive amounts of soju, and scheduled the exact dates and durations of their explosive blooms. This was, no doubt, overseen by the representatives from the cherry blossom as they reign supreme this time of year. I remember craning my neck out our ninth story windows to see the vast differences every morning. We were fortunate to have an apartment near the Yeoju College, where their cherry blossomed entry way was exhilarating to both meander through and smell.

Seeing the awakening of life made me appreciate the process. We were surrounded by the barren sticks of deciduous plants, scrubs, and trees–which made for a long winter. Seemingly the very next day began their allotment of time to share their love with the world-almost overnight came the leaves, blossoms, scents, colors… life. Then gone, to make way for the next bloom and the cycle started all over again. The seasonality, temporary-nature, provided a lesson in moments. Cherish what is, when it becomes. Take some time, seconds if that is all you have, to see the change, the cycle, the awakening. It’s the only world we have and sometimes it takes a little bloom to realize we’re pretty lucky to be here.

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So how does a love for spring, learned through experiences on the other side of the planet, translate to Butte, Montana–a town sitting within the confines of the nation’s largest superfund site (read: polluted) at 5,500 feet of elevation? Spring allows me to 1) get my ski gear taken care of and put away (mentally, too), 2) get my bike gear ready to roll, and 3) get my seeds sprouting, attempt to make a greenhouse-type of structure, and get some soil together and ready to make a garden Grandpa Wick would be proud of. Below is a couple shots of my seeds a-sproutin’ on the dining room table! I’ll be sure to give you updates as the summer and garden progress!

Happy Spring… and Assah!

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