Master Acknowledgements

Posted on May 25, 2012


On April 30, 2012, I successfully defended my Masters deliverables and accompanying thesis document. Getting to that day, dream, and goal wouldn’t have been possible without a host of others selflessly helping me fumble through the journey. The following is a very rough draft of what I may likely publish as a part of my meta-document. Many thanks to many people… Sarang eyo

Developing the Butte 100 Mountain Bike Race Bible:

Using design principles and Gestalt Theory to support awareness of a race bible genre

First and foremost I offer my sincerest gratitude to my committee chairperson, Dr. Heather Shearer, who has tirelessly supported me throughout the process of creating both the race bible deliverables and the corresponding meta-document. I attribute much of my Masters degree to her encouragement, insight, and banter provided at our weekly meetings. I could not have asked for a better equipped or friendlier chairperson guiding me along this journey.

Professor Kay Eccleston’s additional guidance and direction could not have been more valuable in making this project come to life. Her expertise of the print production field has sparked a passion in me now molded by her seemingly endless knowledge and skills within the field and English language. Likewise, Professor John Amtmann provided essential real-world insight to the project that could not be duplicated. His enthusiasm and energy about the project and our mutual recreational passions always recharged my batteries whenever we saw each other.

Having this project come to fruition would not have been possible without the dedicated faculty in the Technical Communications department of Montana Tech. In addition to Dr. Shearer and Professor Eccleston, Dr. Chad Okrusch, Dr. Pat Munday, Dr. Henrietta Shirk, Dr. Lorene Shyba, and Professor Nick Hawthorne have worked diligently to mold this project, my knowledge, and my skills in immeasurable ways. The department’s financial and academic support will not be forgotten. My present and future self, thanks each of you.

Beyond the classroom, the organizers of Triple Ring Productions have welcomed me into their group not only as a researcher, but as a friend and colleague. Their steadfast organizing of the Butte 100 mountain bike race, sometimes in the face of adversity, has been inspirational. The reach of this incredible event goes well beyond the finish line. Thank you specifically to Bob and Gwen Waggoner, Gina Evens, Phil Dean, Guy Vesco, and Ryan Munson. Remember… “it’s all downhill.”

There is not a second of my day that I am not thankful to my wife, Cassie. Throughout this project she has selflessly given her husband to the computer screen without question. Her support in in my academic endeavors and personal growth is without comparison. She is a beacon for whom my love grows more each day.

Finally, there are incredible amounts of people that cannot all be named here. Know that this project reflects the effort, guidance, patience, determination, and tolerance of a host of individuals. Thanks to all of you a dream has been accomplished.

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