Never Underestimate The Importance Of Family.

Posted on June 17, 2012


With my latest swing through the Midwest behind me and Father’s Day here, I’ve found it hard not to notice that, although I really have one father, I have many incredible dad’s in my life!

Poppa Bear: I arrived at my dad’s house in Southern Wisconsin without much of a plan other than to hit up the Brewer game the following day, a sort of tradition of ours. The day Cass and I arrived, we barely did anything… and it quickly became one of my favorite memories.

He lives on a quasi-manufactured lake, stocked with fish, and as we were talking about what we could do that day, he flippantly said, “we could go fishing.” I wouldn’t say I’m a fisherman, but I saw an opportunity to hang out and simply spend time with my Dad, a present more valuable than anything you could purchase.

We spent the afternoon on his dock, throwing worms, catching an array of fish, and catching up things. We did very little… and it was amazing. Thanks dad, I love you.

Jeff: My oldest brother recently became the amazing father of his second little boy. For those of you who don’t know Jeff, in short, he’s a suit guy… and wears his suit well-if you know what I mean. When his first son was born, I wasn’t sure how a child would fit into his professional life-and I told him that, as any brother would- but seeing him with his kids now is one of the more amazing things I’ve been able to experience. He has brought that passion and work ethic to his role in fatherhood. Those boys are shining examples of that, of his dad and family, and of being enveloped by love.

Jeff has always been my oldest brother, always been a role model of mine, and through everything… nothing has changed. Happy Father’s Day, brother. I love you.

James: As Jeff is now a father of two, James is a new daddy. We spun up to Calgary to meet my new little niece, baby Gray, just before our trip to WI. James has always struck me as daddy-figure: patient, kind, tolerant… there has never been any doubt that he and Sara would be amazing parents. They were blessed with a beautiful, healthy little girl… the first female Wick in our clan and a perfect fit to steal her daddy’s (and uncle’s) heart.

Watching any new parent is great-they are just exploding with love and this beautifully instinctual selflessness that we has humans don’t practice enough. Then watching someone you’ve never really seen as a parent-as that has only ever just been an ethereal concept, such as ‘James would be an awesome dad someday’-transition their entire life and outlook on the world is something everyone should see, and recognize.

James has always been one of my best friends and a true hero in my eyes. I know Gray will feel the same. I love you.

Kerry: Being introduced to the father of a girl you’re interested in is never a moment that you seek out, really. I met Cass’ dad (basically) only minutes after I met her. His wide shoulders dwarfed mine, thick chest made me feel scrawny, and huge mits wrapped around my hand nearly twice. He’s a gold miner, born and bred in Montana… I’m surprised there wasn’t a shotgun leaning on the chair next to him because he knew I was coming over. Then I got to know Kerry and his family… then I was welcomed into his family…

I couldn’t have been more blessed to have fallen into a surrounding of such unconditional love as I have out here. Those shoulders and hands that (literally) crush rock for a living, give the greatest kind of hugs; his chest holds one of the largest hearts. And even though it may be two or three sizes too big, Kerry would give you the shirt off his back; probably driving it over the pass to give it to you, as well.

There is just no better a man I could look up to and learn from. Every day I strive to provide the love to my family that you give to yours. Happy Father’s Day, Kerry. I love you.


It’s not often anymore that I see all of my family within a two-week period. It just doesn’t happen-I live far away and we’re all spread throughout the country (I guess North America would be more accurate). These trips, and my family, have been incredible.

A friend of mine was leaving on a bike trip to Alaska and back (crazy, I know… his bucklist got the better of him). As we talked about his prep and how everyone was feeling about the trek, he simply stated… “never underestimate the importance of family.”

I won’t.

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