Amsterdam Layover [In Pictures]

Posted on February 10, 2013


Before we ever left for Captown, I had to wrestle with the folks at Travelocity/Delta regarding a change in our itinerary. Unfortunately, that change left us stuck in Minneapolis overnight… exciting, right? Fortunately though, it also gave us a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of ‘those’ cities that has been on my list for quite sometime and I was excited to be able to explore the narrow cobblestone streets, shady back alleys, and canals–if for only a brief time.

A quick Google and I learned of a train to hop on that took us right into the city center in 20 minutes. So we exchanged for some Euros, hopped the train, and stretched our legs for  few hours amidst the canals houses and porn shops.

Conclusions: 1) Amsterdam is a fairytale kind-of beautiful 2) Amsterdam lives up to that which you hear about.

Check out some of the shots I got on our stroll through town. Click on any picture to pull up a gallery/slideshow…

I know what all of you are thinking… and the answer is no. We did not, ahem, “indulge.” We had a flight to catch!

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