The Beauty of Cancer.

Posted on October 31, 2014


WICK TOUGH T-Shirt FB CoverIt’s hard not to feel like I’m staring down the barrel of a gun; as if someone is watching you just beyond your eye’s reach. Next Wednesday, November 5, I’ll head into the operating room for a six-hour surgery and week of subsequent recovery in the hospital. Aside from the veil of cancer filtering my world, it’s been a tumultuous six weeks, a mixed bag of normalcy, heartache, love and laughter, remembrance, emotion, and anxiety.

Cancer sucks. When people say “Fuck Cancer,” it’s not just a trendy catchphrase, they are words that so many of us feel in the depths of our bones. Cancer doesn’t care about your age, how healthy you are, how many pink socks football players wear, how much money you have, being fair, where you live, your dreams. Cancer envelopes your every decision, a strait-jacket of loneliness and pain that we need to eradicate from this planet. Period.

What I never anticipated about this journey is the incredible beauty in which having cancer would create. An endless love and support from so many people, in so many places has kept me going. From my wife dealing with my unwarranted bursts, to my in-laws caring for baby Margo, my brother James running the fundraising page to help with finances, to my other Brother Jeff and his family welcoming me into their home and turning their lives upside-down to help me through surgery and recovery….

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…the cards and notes from all over the country, the multitude of offers to help in any way I may need, the reconnections from old and very old friends, the meals cooked, pictures sent of people wearing the Wick Tough shirts, the thoughts and energy sent from all… it has been absolutely miraculous. A phenomenon that reinforces faith, not only in people, but in the power of love that exists.

I often search for words to describe this; none seeming truly appropriate to the strength both Cassie and I have gained from those around us… it’s overwhelming in the best kind of way.

It takes a community of family and friends to beat this horrible thing, and without a doubt, I am riding an ocean of strength, and generosity, and selflessness through this storm. Cancer is heavy, but when that burden is shared across the backs of us all, it becomes bearable.

As we start our journey to Iowa, I couldn’t be more grateful for the life I have.

I am strong because you are strong.

I’d also like to share Facebook post Cassie wrote while we were in the midst of my initial chemo/radiation treatments. It’s as poignant now as it was then:

When cancer became personal to us a couple of months ago, I could not imagine that so much goodness could come out of an unfortunate turn in life’s course. The support that we have received from so many beautiful people near and far has absolutely blown us away. I actually sobbed yesterday not because I was sad, but because life truly is so beautiful and there are so many generous, thoughtful, kind and loving people in this world, I was overwhelmed by the love that has been poured over us.

Thank you will never be enough for the financial donations, the amazing meals that have been prepared to keep Jon healthy, messages, emails, phone calls, and all of the amazing hugs and offers to help. I count us the luckiest people in the world to be surrounded by such incredible goodness. Please continue to send your good energy, thoughts, prayers, and love our way. We are feeling it big time and it has lessened the burden more than we will ever be able to say. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We are forever grateful to you.

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