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Food For Thought: The Music Of Dispatch & State Radio

November 22, 2011


I ran a red light the other day… while on my bike. That just shouldn’t happen. It did, however, give me fodder for this blog, which I’ve been meaning to write since, well, this past summer’s road trip—like 7 months ago. My bad. But alas, the partner to my previous post: Road Trip 2011: Destination Dispatch. […]

Road Trip 2011: Destination Dispatch

June 16, 2011


*The eternal dilemma for travel writing is finding time to write while traveling. I’m no exception to this. This series of dispatches from a recent road trip will be a bit delayed as I have a tendency to travel while traveling, filling up every second of every day with whatever may be, rather than sitting […]

Yonder Mountain Magnificence

April 10, 2011


It must have been four or five years since I’ve seen Yonder Mountain String Band live. I’ve made a handful of shows, but just not recently. For those of you not familiar with Yonder, the band consists of four members/instruments: Adam playing guitar, Jeff on the mandolin, Ben playing bass, and Dave plucking the banjo. […]