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Amsterdam Layover [In Pictures]

February 10, 2013


Before we ever left for Captown, I had to wrestle with the folks at Travelocity/Delta regarding a change in our itinerary. Unfortunately, that change left us stuck in Minneapolis overnight… exciting, right? Fortunately though, it also gave us a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of ‘those’ cities that has been on my […]

Too Close For Comfort.

August 30, 2012


This past Tuesday, a fire erupted only miles south of town. A friend of mine took this picture from Montana Tech’s campus… On my way to teaching my Wednesday afternoon class, I stopped in nearly the same spot on campus  and took this shot (notice the same headframe toward the bottom in each shot). It […]

Olympic Anticipation

July 10, 2012


What happens when a dream of yours actually comes true? I mean, really comes true… My bedroom growing up was a tiny little room used as the families’ baby room. One of my earliest memories of this room takes place when I was roughly 7 years old. I took the small (like 10 inch) t.v. […]

Photo Blog: Baby Gray

May 31, 2012


Cass and I just got back from a trip to Calgary to see my brother, sis-in-law… and to meet my new niece. I had my camera. I’m pretty sure we love the crap out of each other. –

Photo Blog: Discovering A Love Of Spring In Korea

April 18, 2012


Never did I fall for this particular season more than when I was in Korea. Before then, Spring was really just a period of nuisanced indecision. Growing up, I would sit at Jeff’s baseball games, huddled-up hoping the snow stops enough to see how he’s playing; in high school, I battled four years of varsity […]

World, Meet 5518 Designs.

February 2, 2012


Many of you who follow the legitification of my hobbies are likely familiar with my writing, design, photography, videos, and all that other good stuff. In fact, this blog itself is a vehicle I’ve created to consolidate and organize all of the work I’ve been doing. In the same light, a friend and I have been […]

Stepping Into History: Hot Springs, Montana in Black & White

January 18, 2012


Last weekend, we headed to northwest Montana to check out some hot springs in the town of–I’m not making this us–Hot Springs, Montana. As we pulled into this shell of a former town, it was like we Mario Brother’s time-warped backwards a handful of decades. As you can imagine… black and white photography is really […]