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The Essence of Philipsburg: A Commencement Address.

May 27, 2013


I was asked to speak at the Granite High School commencement ceremony–my old fifth grade class. This is my speech from that night…. These kinds of things, speaking a commencement ceremony, should really be reserved for some kind of famous person, or someone super rich with some kind of prophetic life lessons and secrets to […]

Amsterdam Layover [In Pictures]

February 10, 2013


Before we ever left for Captown, I had to wrestle with the folks at Travelocity/Delta regarding a change in our itinerary. Unfortunately, that change left us stuck in Minneapolis overnight… exciting, right? Fortunately though, it also gave us a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of ‘those’ cities that has been on my […]

Cape Town Trip: Face To Face With Jaws

January 12, 2013


If we spent yesterday among the manifestation of the Lion King, today we spent the morning on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. In fact, this entire coastline-from Cape Town to the east-is used to get footage for the week’s shows. Our mini-cation to the town of Wilderness (ironically awesome name, eh?) consisted of a body surfing […]

Cape Town Trip: Seeing ‘Real Africa’ By Safari.

January 10, 2013


Leandra leaned over Reagan and said, “Jon, welcome to Africa.” It’s been almost two weeks. We smirked at each other knowing the prevalent stereotypes–no, there aren’t any elephants walking around the streets of Cape Town. Earlier that morning, we woke up early and headed to Botlierskop, a game reserve offering day safaris. When you hear […]

Everything I Learned About South Africa I Learned From Trevor Noah.

January 4, 2013


Before leaving, I told people that Cass and I were going to South Africa. Reactions didn’t vary too much; many ooh’s and whoa’s. I could see their mind racing through an onslaught of media-forced images, typically resulting in a mental image of a starving black child with flies on his face. When I said we […]

Cape Town Trip: Bo Kaap neighborhood

January 1, 2013


The Bo Kaap area of Cape Town is a predominantly Muslim neighborhood overlooking town from its perch on the higher flanks of Table Mountain–‘Bo Kaap’ translates to ‘Upper Cape’ in Afrikaans. Its eccentric and varied building colors make it a great stop for a few hours. Our jaunt began with a quick breakfast at one […]

Cape Town Trip: Table Mountain & cape.

December 30, 2012


Synonymous with any of the representations of Cape Town you may be familiar with is the mountain rising precipitously from the city’s edge: Table Mountain. Not only is it emblematic of the city, it is the sentinel of beauty in which both introduces and immerses you in the natural splendor surrounding you in the area. […]