83% through 33%

August 27, 2014


I’ve officially made the transition from counting up the number of days I’ve had radiation treatments, to counting down the number of days remaining. That’s a pretty big deal. …especially if you’re my insides. My baseline of existence for the last few weeks has been squeezing waterfalls out of my backside to the point of […]

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Deuces Wild.

August 13, 2014


It was apparent from the first consult with the radiologist, that the┬áthird week of treatment was going to be a benchmark of sorts. It didn’t disappoint. With chemotherapy’s crippling nausea addressed and mostly behind me, I had the radiation side effects to prepare for; specifically, the radiation burn and diarrhea. The burn, akin to a […]

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Learning Curve.

August 5, 2014


Week one will always be remembered as my indoctrination into the depths of cancer treatment side effects. It seemed hourly that Cassie and I were analyzing and re-analyzing every aspect of my living. The daily radiation treatments quickly became routine, one additional errand I had to accomplish each morning. I’d first check in at the […]

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First Day of Treatments.

July 31, 2014


Not often does one walk willingly and knowingly into the shadows of certain pain… cancer changed that for me. When Monday morning finally came, Cass and I were a ball of contradiction-anxious, but nervous; excited but scared shitless. At 9:30, I was scheduled to meet with my oncology doctor and get my 24-hour chemotherapy drug […]

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The Bank.

July 25, 2014


I had already undergone surgery to implant a ‘port’ into my chest–a plug-like device under my skin that accepts needles and has an IV line leading directly into my heart. This would prevent the many ‘pokes’ that are needed for my weekly blood work and act as a receptor for my 24 hour chemotherapy drip […]

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July 20, 2014


Melissa Protz and I at Big Sky

Due to a paperwork snafu, the start of my chemo/radiation pre-treatments got pushed back a week. Deflated at the prospects of delaying this fight, I had no idea of the depths of emptiness I was about to feel. I checked my email Thursday morning. There was an email from my mom. Looming in the subject […]

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Dr. Jellyfingers.

July 16, 2014


It may as well have been 10 years ago when Cassie, her parents, and I spent two weeks island hopping around Greece. We got back less than two months ago. The Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos, though well placed in the bowels of a well-trodden tourist trail, were peaceful reprieves during the area’s shoulder […]

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