Effervescence of the mind…

Granite High School Commencement speech

The Essence of Philipsburg: A Commencement Address. -5/26/13

CNN Heroes Tribute Show, Leo McCarthy Mariah's Challenge Smiles Heard ‘Round The World. -12/11/12

A Story To Change The World. -11/5/12

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Family. -6/17/12

Masters Acknowledgements. -5/25/12


My Funky Funky Better Half.- 4/2/12

Losing And Regaining My Faith In Sports At The Girls State Championship Game-  3/11/12

Good (First) Morning Baby Gray- 1/24/12

The Poetry Of Night Skiing

Holding Onto Love In The New Year: Remembering Grams & Gramps


And Then I Tried To Explain The Unexplainable: The Lure Of Montana

Making The World Better At Montana’s Independent Living Symposium


A Reinvention… I Hope.




Accepting Mariah’s Challenge





The Love of Lone Peak




Yonder Mountain Magnificence



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